Since the year 2007, the project has been functioning mainly as ""ADOPTION", i.e. from the amount 12,-€, per tree / year were financed plants and about 5 years of watering a tree, hired by an external gardener.

We have made directly the field experience and understood that it is necessary first to invest the infrastructure entirely at the new planting sites, to stop the initial distrust of the local people, and it is not possible to cover the amount for one tree. Financially withstand the beginnings before the results come in the form of a rooted tree, controlled by logging, tourism. The mentality of the people there is somewhat looser, and when they are not supervised, they are a little too baffled. Of the 3,000 trees, therefore, they remained 156. Not all the deaths were caused by irresponsibility, and other factors contributed to that. Like salt underwater, unsuitable soil (sand), occasionally even a broken pump etc ...

Most of the trees also the association MIE z.s. planted by herself, for the private money of the founding members. That is why we want to change the funding of the project a little, and especially keep it independent of the day-to-day tree watering. In addition to the possibility of the adoption, you have the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of a certain location in the initial investments: pumps, fencing (against sheep and camels), self-tapping piping, equipment for obtaining water from the air humidity etc ...

Projekt Tunis v rocích

Year 2007

The beginning of the project - TUNIS THE ADOPTION OF THE TREES

Its main objective is the afforestation of the desert, with the simultaneous creation of biotopes and the maintenance of water in the area and thereby also of the life.

The land is located behind the village of Khafsalah in the direction of Tataouine in Tunisia. REFERENCE TO THE MAP

Year 2014

Taken up

Our first and tallest tree, this tree is one of the few that have survived, due to the lack of finances for the gardener who should have to care for them. (originally planted several thousand trees). The trees must be regularly watered before reaching the groundwater.

This one is already self-reliant, to be watered is not needed, and small animals , birds, beetles, gerbils are gradually gathering in their shadow ... - and that is our goal to create life here.:-)


There was destruction of the gazebo here .The reason? Here, too, the revolution and crisis have been described. Unfortunately, nothing happened to the trees that caught up. Only two of them have a broken branch, probably from astray camel.

  • We made for us a small cottage here for the sun protection and shade relaxation
  • We have also put in place the first ALOE-VERA test that has caught and survived the first summer
  • Palm trees which we also have planted here, are growing, but slowly, they are here from the beginning of the project from the year 2007 and for our project of the afforestation are not very suitable. Yet wins acacia, which is growing rapidly and is not aggressive towards other plants around

Year 2015

Big changes

We have made major changes on the land this year. We have rented several hectares to local people for olive growing. One of them is also Mr. Amor, who has been transporting us water just for a few years to water in the tank behind the tractor. We have already established more warm contacts with the local people, we have been here just for 8 years.

What a pity that the water in our wells is saltier, it would be here like in the Garden of Eden. Here is just water needed and everything grows.

  • We also reached local subsidies for the construction of two underground concrete tanks for rainwater, their construction began in the spring. We're still waiting for some permission. We always have to pre-fund one stage and then the money will be returned to us and we can continue in the next stage.
  • They have here very ingeniously invented how to catch as much rainwater as possible. The tank is under the hill, and into the sites from the tank are made such dams into the funnels so that all water flows into the tank.
  • We continue with a small future plantation of aloe vera, which we would later like to import into the Czech Republic and process it here.

Year 2016

Water supply

The local ones have finished the tank and is waiting for the subsidies to get back to be able to begin with the second tank on the opposite side.

We made here a dam over the valley, where a stream sometimes is flowing. If it rains, the water keeps here longer and sinks around our well into the underground.

The trees grow even without the watering, not so intense, but they have to get used to rough nature

Year 2017

Tank insulation

We have finished the internal insulation of the tank for the rainwater. We have made the dams in the shape of "V" down the hill towards the inlet into the tank.It is by the reason of the vehement rains, when it is rainy , so that the water leads into the tank.

During the year passed off the planting of new trees and their replacement. The dam, which was built in the year 2016, rised to the occasion. She is holding the running water after rains. The water is slowly soaking into here and creates a more wet microclimate and underground moisture for the trees.
Mr. Amor has planted the pea and other plants, which do well here. So that land can be successfully used before the trees grow up. The advantage is, that Mr. Amor will see to it that the neighbours don´t pasture their sheeps and camels here.

In conclusion, of the year 2018 we are planning to plant more trees so that a small forest will arise here.

Year 2018

Ten years of the research

This year, we have completed the works around the rain tank and have begun the preparation of the second tank on the opposite slope.We have terminated more than ten years of the research into what trees are appropriate ones for this area.

We have placed the main conditions as follows: the tree must be well adopted, be as early as possible independent, growing rapidly, has to live in symbiosis with other plants, ie not to be aggressive to other plants. Clearly, Acacia was for us the first tree to be suitable for the planting.

We also have fine-tuned the effective way of the irrigation. Following these experiences, we have started preparing to create several new localities of forest biotopes in Southern Tunisia.

For this project and for 3 other localities outside of our research site we are earning with secondary activity of the society MIE, z.s. in the Czech Republic, and especially by selling of the extracts from own ecological farm, selling of the poultry, by the operation of the autocinema. Furthermore also by selling of newspapers, but also by serving the WCs in the local markets in Ředhošť.

We are preparing the addresses of companies and institutions that would financially support the emergence and the development of new forest biotopes. All these funds will go to the need for the given forest and the support of the local people who will help us in the project.

Our next intention is to provide an existing cottage on the land to one, or a team of Czech enthusiasts who will help to coordinate local helpers activities and they will put their hand to the work: trees growing, planting, watering, fencing and, last but not least, the photographic documentation of the whole project.

Year 2019

The project is also becoming visible from the satellite map

Gradually, the land is becoming more green than the surrounding nature. A few years ago, a local resident, Mr. Amor, proposed to plant an olive orchard on our land and that he will take care of it and when it grows, we will leave him half of the orchard with the land and the other half of the orchard will be ours. These trees are just now visible.

We were not reimbursed by the local state organization to build a rainwater tank according to the original agreement that we had not kept the sizes of the tank, but for this the state created a wall of sand around our land. We knew nothing, we arrived and it was already here.

We thank the unknown good people in the state administration. We firmly believe that we will finish the project and one day the trees will provide shadow around the moving ones.
Our goal now is to plant trees on and off the road from both sides and to make cars driving on a parched road, suddenly drive through the forest. It's the music of the future, but hopefully our children and their peers will live to see and understand how we should treat the nature.

Project costs and our efforts

Overall, the project has cost over 39 115 Eur (1 000 000,-Kč) (purchase of land, construction of the well, cottages, rainwater tanks, irrigation system, wind pump for water, summerhouses to the road, toilet for the customers, salary for a guard and lots of other small investments). We are trying to create this background for our own adoption of the trees and especially here we carry out research on the suitability of trees and technologies for other habitats.

We pulled the majority from our own resources by ourselves. There were found also a few people from our surroundings who adopted the tree or helped us with their activities, saying that everything was in the research phase
Now we dare to say that we are ready for those who are interested in direct adoption of the trees and provide them with the security of their tree for their money.

The most important thing now is to get a salary for one local person to appreciate his work and to represent us well, even if we are not here. About 391-586 Eur (10.000 -15.000,- CZK) per month. It is not to be expected from people who are trying to feed their families every day in harsh conditions to have ecological thinking and to be convinced to help free of charge.
Another thing is the purchase of water, various preparatory works, it would be about 391 Eur (10,000,- CZK) per month.

We have planted several thousand trees here and there are about 50 of them growing. It is because there was and is a big crisis, one time it was not safe to ride here, when there was a revolution in this country and a lot of trees and equipment were taken, but we have results, we know which trees to grow first and we already have a technical background.

Galerie Tunis

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We will be glad if you will support us in creating new projects and consolidating of the existing ones, 19 Eur (500, - CZK) per one tree on a transparent account Mie z.s.2858055001/5500 in the note please state (project support and possibly your name).

The price includes buying a tree and 3 years of watering him. For each bought tree you will be sent a birth certificate of the tree, the photo of the planting and every year a new photo of the tree for 3 years and later only occasionally.

Be a part of creating a better environment around us.