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we plant trees

We call on all people who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet to participate, in the project

how to get involved

Everyone can put its hand on the work. All you need to do is to select a plot of land suitable for planting the trees. The best is the land that is not suitable for construction and other commercial use, nor for agricultural activities.

Suitable are the areas that may have the character of forest over time, at least from 10 000 square meters, where the water flows along the creek beds and dried-up as well when it rains.

Or in natural valleys. The point is to make the biotope that over time can do without the help of a man after the rooting of trees. We should plant local varieties of trees very densely together, preferably 1m apart of each other and avoid aggressive trees that cannot live in symbiosis with other trees.

Let other plants around the trees grow and it is up to nature to create their forest. The forest thus created must also have large fire gaps between the other forests, where in time more plants will flourish for animal grazing and there should be no dry plants. The size of these gaps is at the discretion of everyone. Think of the wind in your location.

We can also support the project financially

Just take a picture of the land with the date in the photo before planting and after rooting of the plants. And then every year send a photo to the e-mail: organizator@mie.cz with a request for the support and also with a bank number.

The amount of the support is not determined, but believe that you will be economically beneficial to help nature just several times. Ones with our support, and at the second time, if adoptive parents directly choose your location for planting their trees. And for that you get all the money from the sponsor. And the third time when you will harvest wood from the forest as a good landlord on an ongoing basis so that the forest does not die

Fourth, you will be in our database of places where people can look at the forest and possibly relax under the trees and buy traditional snacks or fruits from the nature. Finally, you will feel also the beautiful and that is joy of nature's support and the realization that there are more of us all over the world to them is not indifferent the fate of the world.

So join also yourself... thank you MIE z.s.

Dear sponsors and partners

Anyone can also help remotely with his money, just send them to our transparent account number:: 2858055001/5500

In these site's contacts there is a preview of this account. Believe that 100% of the money will be used for trees and if you send us an email to organizator@mie.cz notifying you of your support, we will send you the information and photos where your money went directly, what and who they have supported. Your money will also support local people, the economy and a small fraction will stop people's migration, because where nothing grows, people move elsewhere and if they have a job here and also meaningful work for the whole world, why not stay at home.

Our organization MIE z.s. earns on her expense by doing business in promoting the sale of mainly small merchants and their fees from the rents which they pay if they are satisfied or profit from sales and quite often from used things. We use this profit to run the entire organization as well as to support tree planting. We strive for regional development anywhere in the world, and from our profits we finance our main activity - tree planting. If you have an incentive for us, where would it be possible to organize the markets, sell used things, please write to: organizator@mie.cz.

Help us to translate this text in your language and send it please to organizator@mie.cz. Thank you in advance


We are an association that supports MIcroEconomics and MIcroEcology. Our mission is to promote the production and consumption of local food, to create jobs in low-employment areas and to lead people to independence and self-reliance. Our focus is also on ecological activity, planting of trees in Tunisia and reducing waste of resources, products that can further serve.

Our association has set itself the goal of promoting tree cultivation, especially in areas where trees are not. We are trying to create functional forest biotopes that will serve our entire planet. We support microecology and microeconomics. We believe that in order to behave ecologically, especially in developing countries, we must see also an economic benefit. For example, if we build a forest here and there will be a good farmer who will take care of the forest, the forest will be gently harvested by wood, making it an interesting project for the people involved. In addition, the forest will provide us with other benefits.












    We have launched the trees adoption project in the year 2007 in southern Tunisia near the village of Chechbenia, about 30 km from the famous island of Djerba, direction inland. On an area of about 300,000 m2 were steppe vegetation, grasses and occasional shrubs.

    Our main goal was to create here a basis for the forest biotope on the part of the plot and to study plant species suitable for the first planting line. Trees that create a shadow for other plants.

  • We have built here a well and a rainwater tank and a small cottage
  • We have planted about 3000 trees and only a small amount was taken out. We have understood that this is mainly a human factor.
  • We are investigating various self-irrigation systems for the primroses
  • After the first nine years, I have to state that the first stage with all sorts of problems is over.


    It is about creating a system for involving local people in the project.

    Today, it is just clear to us that we are going to find very difficult people with ecological approaches, and that local people are mainly looking for the survival, so we have to give on the first place money.

    But only for the work done, and that is the growing tree in the forest unit


    This is to create a sustainable forest growing project. To create an internal economy.

    I firmly believe that an ecological subconscious, especially of young generations of local people, will be created at the same time.


    Creation of internal economies and thus a positive impact on the limitation of human migration

    The project is not about teaching people to beg, but to find the possibility of self-participation in the process.

is the production of healthy food here in the Czech Republic FarMie www.farmie.cz

With this activity we are trying to make money for a tree adoption project while looking for the opportunities to produce healthy food in our home country.


s conducting of a drive-in cinema, where we try to address young people, to create an interesting event for them and support the adoption of trees from the revenues of this activity.

  • Our effort is also the Regional Development in our surroundings. We strive to develop small economies and improve living conditions in general.
  • Another effort is to integrate socially weaker and sometimes excluded people from the ordinary society into the project.
It is a good feeling when such a person gets involved, takes a shovel in his hand and starts to help create this project.




What are we watching by this showing? Where will go the proceeds from the films showing? After paying all overhead, money will go to support the TREES ADOPTION PROJECT, and to support the microeconomics. Now we are supporting the region around Ředhošť. Our goal is to help to create new jobs over a week, with the final offer of week-end products at local markets.


The aim of this activity is to create an exhibition of various domestic and wild animals to involve both children and adults in the project and to deepen the breeding relationship with the animals, to revive the real significance of why people mainly keep animals.



Do you have unnecessary things that only obstruct, so donate them. Because what you donate does not end right at the landfill and serve someone else, and this person does not call for a new thing that has to or must be made and it helps to reduce the burden on nature. At the same time, you can help someone and enjoy it and you will help the nature


We have an offer for you. Don't you want to be a weekend trader? Come to try it

Every product has to be offered and tried to sell it. Otherwise, the products would remain by you and you will no longer need to manufacture them. We have decided to organize sales courses for you. They will be according to the interest of the participants, every last Saturday of the month. And on Sunday, you will try to sell severally in the local market.
Finally, you'll find out that it's actually simple.

The course is free of charge. More information at email: organizator@mie.cz


Cultivation, sale of plants and their processing

About us
We are an association that supports MicroEconomics and MicroEcology. Our mission is to promote the production and consumption of local food, to create jobs in low-employment areas and to lead people to independence and self-reliance. Our focus is also on ecological activity, planting of trees in Tunisia and reducing waste of resources, products that can further serve.

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adresaYour name: Ředhošť 101, 411 20 Mšené-lázně, Czech Republic
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MIE z.s. / Ředhošť 101, 411 20 Mšené-lázně Czech Republic / E-mail: organizator@mie.cz


We will be glad if you will support us in creating new projects and consolidating of the existing ones, 19 Eur (500, - CZK) per one tree on a transparent account Mie z.s.2858055001/5500 in the note please state (project support and possibly your name).

The price includes buying a tree and 3 years of watering him. For each bought tree you will be sent a birth certificate of the tree, the photo of the planting and every year a new photo of the tree for 3 years and later only occasionally.

Be a part of creating a better environment around us.